Observation Essay: Vital Points You Should Know

Observation Essay: Vital Points You Should Know

One of the typical tasks for any student is to write a certain piece of writing. The variety of such pieces is great and each has its peculiarities. Thus, an observation essay is quite an interesting paper. While most essays are scientific, this paper is a subjective opinion of the author. It doesn’t require in-depth research, analysis, and some official statistics.

It demands to observe and engage five human senses. These are taste, sight, smell, hearing, and touch. The author has to live through a certain moment and interact with other people or nature. After the author understands his/her feeling, it’s necessary to begin to write.

The assignment is difficult and easy at the same. Even the smallest schoolers can compose a child observation essay. One may even reflect on his/her preschool experience. However, it may be hard to express all you feel. Therefore, this guide will be useful for such cases.

How should you write an observation essay? It’s a reasonable question and it has a simple answer. Take a look at the following plan:

  • Select a topic;
  • Live through your experience;
  • Take notes;
  • Craft an outline;
  • Write;
  • Revise.

We’ll dwell on these things in greater details to provide you with plain understanding.


Choose a Topic

The first aim you should undertake is to choose the main theme. Decide whether it will be an event, description of a person, some feeling, state, and so on. Your observation essay topics ought to be interesting and relevant for you and your readers.

Don’t choose a broad topic because you won’t have too many words to meet the demand of word count. Narrow it to something unique and specific. Don’t complicate because you may not be able to cope with it properly. If you decide to create a personal profile on psychology, the task will be too difficult. Tell about something easy, what makes you enthusiastic. Thus, you may make a fun report on your events during the weekend.

Here are a few interesting observation essay topic ideas:

  1. How Changes Behavior in the Classroom when a Teacher Goes Out?
  2. My Most Entertaining Vacation.
  3. The Meaning of Money in the World.
  4. Explanation of Loyalty through Observation.
  5. What Is the Value of Friendship?
  6. Do Video Games Induce Behavioral Changes?
  7. The Person I Admire the Most and Why.
  8. Which Book Is Worth Reading at Any Age?
  9. The Importance of Personal Freedom and Independence.
  10. The Value of Love and Safety inside the Family.

If you struggle with finding structuring your text or choosing a topic, you can use online help. Thus, Customwriting may solve these, as well as many other tasks of your observations essay. It works 24 hours round the clock in the USA, Canada, and other countries. Tell what is demanded and professional writers will tackle your order.

Gather Experience

Many folks wonder how to do observations. The answer is actually simple. Turn all your five senses and live through some event or contact with a person. Your project heavily depends on your experience. You should gather it while you interact with other people. Try to understand the main motives of the others. Why some people react differently to the same situations?

Don’t forget about nature. Many observation papers are naturalistic. Thus, some students prefer to describe a special place they have visited. While they choose such topics, they have the possibility to use all their senses. Every location makes you watch, listen, smell, taste, and touch. Try to concentrate on what you’re doing and feeling at the moment. Throw out all other matters for some time. Afterward, you’ll be able to transfer your sensations on the paper.

To compile experience properly and not forget something essential, take notes. Become an automatic note-taker and write down everything vital. Use a notebook, smartphone, laptop or everything at once. Afterward, review your notes and organize them logically.

Outline Your Project

Before you begin to write, you’d better craft an outline. Consider your topic and notes you’ve taken during your observations. Decide what data to use in your writing. Think what piece of information should appear in the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Your outline should likewise include the revision phase. Never skip it or you risk making some mistakes.


How to write an observation essay college? You shouldn’t haste and try to finish the race in a single lap. Draft first and see how you manage the task. Possibly, you should write from 1 to 3 drafts until you come up with a perfect piece.

Begin with the introductory phase. It tells your readers some general facts about your essay. Create a hook to interest them. At the end of your introduction state your thesis. It must plainly explain the main purpose of your project, why you have chosen it, and what its value is. In case you can’t complete it properly, read an observation essay example introduction. See how other writers manage this phase.

Next comes the main body. It develops the main idea of your project. Tell in more details what you felt and observed during a particular situation. Provide examples and explanations of you’ve been through.

The last writing stage is the conclusion. It should briefly summarize your observations. Don’t be wordy and get straight to the point. Explain the importance of the event, state, or person you dealt with.

Edit and Submit

Never skip the editing stage. You’ll definitely make some mistakes and they may cost you many crucial grades. Revise your paper several times and use each time another method. There are the following suggestions:

  • Read in mind;
  • Read aloud;
  • Read from the end to the beginning;
  • Ask others to revise;
  • Use grammar and spell checkers;

How to Become Better?

Many students ask – How can I improve my observation essay skills? If you aren’t able to manage this assignment properly, you definitely need something to improve. Here are some quick but effective tips:

  • Observe every day.
  • Practice writing at least 2 hours per day.
  • Read a lot.
  • Review helpful educational websites and blogs.
  • Pass online writing courses.
  • Participate in workshops, lessons, etc.
  • Get some tutoring help.
  • Consider help from academic writing services.
  • Use some smart applications.

There is one more crucial tip. You should read an observation essay example. However, it would be better to read several good samples to gain experience of different authors. Thus, you’ll see how things come complete in the final version. Consider our tips, read examples, and compose your own masterpiece.

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