Informative Essay Topics for College Students + Informative Writing Tips

Informative Essay Topics for College Students + Informative Writing Tips

Writing an informative essay is a real challenge. You need to educate others shedding the light on a certain topic. The main difficulty is to choose the right topic, which you'll be able to reveal to the full extent. Some students make a big mistake when choosing just one of the topics randomly. You should have a more serious attitude towards the choice of an essay topic. Are there any criteria a good informative essay topic must meet? What things to keep in mind when selecting a topic? Keep on reading to master the art of choosing a great topic. 

What is the purpose of writing an informative essay?

Even if you haven't written informative essays before, it won't be difficult to guess that your task is to inform the reader. The purpose of this kind of writing is to present some actual topic and explain the reader certain phenomena, situation, term, etc. Compared to other essay types, this paper shouldn't include your personal opinion. The task of the writer is to operate with facts and definitions and conduct careful analysis on the topic. Make sure the reader will have a clear picture of the process described in the paper. The key idea is to tell about something in detail so that the reader has no more questions on the topic. 

How to choose good informative essay topics for college students?

Have you been assigned to write an informative essay on a free topic? On the one hand, it's great to have the freedom of choice. You can write about anything you're interested in. On the other hand, it may be not as easy as ABC to choose the topic that will work best. Here are several effective tips on how to find an interesting informative essay topic for college student. Follow them and you'll increase your chances to impress your college tutor. 

  • Make a list of the topics you're interested in. Brainstorm up to 5-10 topic ideas and conduct research. Search for the materials to understand which one of the topics is well-researched. 
  • Think of the topic that your target audience will find interesting. You'll achieve success if you find the topic, which will hook the reader. Choose among topic ideas that may engage your reader.
  • Choose the topic you know much about. If you're familiar with the topic, it'll be much easier to explain it to the reader. Remember that a writer should sound competent about the topic he/she is presenting.
  • Never choose a too broad or a too narrow topic. The problem of broad topics is that it's impossible to cover all the aspects in a short essay. What is wrong with a narrow topic? You are unlikely to find sufficient material on the topic. Also, you should take into account that your audience may not approve of the narrow topic. 
  • Check informative essay topics for colleges. Before you get started, check what essay topics are popular now. It'll help to understand what the modern reader is interested in. It's helpful to use a sample with the prompts. School and college students are recommended to check creative ideas and examples of topics, especially when lacking inspiration.

How to structure a good informative essay?

Like any other kind of essay, an informative paper should include a beginning, the main part, and the final sentence. What to write about in each one? 

  • Introduction. Hook your reader from the very first lines. Give some interesting fact or an argument about why he/she must learn more about a certain topic. One of the best ways to start an informative essay is to include some prehistory, the background information that will help the reader to understand the key idea. You can start with the saying of a famous person or the results of some research. Your task is to attract the reader's attention.
  • Main Body. In most essays, this part includes 3 paragraphs. An informative essay isn't an exception. Informative process analysis essay topics for college may include up to five paragraphs. Give the reader as much information on the topic as possible. Describe the methods of solving a problem based on facts. Avoid your personal opinion.
  • Conclusion. Remind the main topic statement. Summarize all the important points and write a powerful conclusion. Read the paper once more and edit it, if necessary.

Don't forget to include a list of the references used in the process of informative paper writing. Use only credible sources of information. Check how to format the bibliography in the right way before you submit the paper.

Top-30 college ideas for informative essay

Here is the list of topics for an informative essay. All of them reflect the key problems of our society. Choosing one of the ideas below, you'll be able to catch the reader's attention easily.

  1. How to lose weight without harming your health?
  2. Effective methods to get rid of such bad habits as smoking and drinking.
  3. Ways to organize a fun party for your college friends.
  4. How to protect yourself from insects while camping?
  5. How to pass a Math test on a positive grade?
  6. Ways to fight against domestic violence.
  7. Methods to deal with stress successfully.
  8. Effective ways to help people in need.
  9. The pros and the cons of the politics in the USA.
  10. The most useful invention of the 21st century.
  11. What causes the environment pollution and how to solve the problem?
  12. How to deal with child abuse?
  13. Reasons behind studying in a college or university.
  14. How to deal with depression without drugs?
  15. The epoch of the tattoo. Why do more and more young people make tattoos in the USA?
  16. How to stop gambling industry?
  17. What is DarkNet and what is the purpose of its creation?
  18. How to stop prostitution?
  19. The most difficult period in the history of your country.
  20. The greatest achievements in sports. 
  21. Theories about the origin of life on our planet.
  22. How do scientists explain the phenomena of love feeling?
  23. Effective ways to persuade an interviewer you’re the best job applicant.
  24. The reasons behind the marital betrayal.
  25. Theories about the continuation of life after physical death.
  26. Ways to earn money without large investments.
  27. The benefits of Information Technologies the modern person can enjoy. 
  28. How to motivate young people to go in for sports instead of playing computer games?
  29. Main features of cybersports.
  30. Most common types of addiction and the ways to get rid of each of them.

Nobody promises that it'll be easy to choose the topic and write a great essay. It'll take some time to select a topic discussing which you'll sound professional. Lack time for writing a high-quality research paper? It isn't a big problem today. Just find a reputable custom writing company in Canada and entrust this task to experienced writers. Good luck in choosing an original essay topic!