How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay: Guide for High School and College Students

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay: Guide for High School and College Students

Cause and effect essay is one of the most popular types of essays that are given as an assignment. The process of writing involves a lot of research and thinking. Why did some events happen? Which changes did our society encounter and how were we influenced by them? You can explore these and many other questions in the cause and effect essay. To learn how to write this type of essay, you can use our article. Find more tips and cause and effect essay topics here.

Writing a cause and effect introduction 

The introduction is the way to appeal to your future readers and attract them to your essay. An effective introduction is short but contains enough information to raise interest and grab the attention. In order to get the attention of readers, you can use a different hook: 

  • A quote. If there is a person that truly inspires you, feel free to use their quote in your essay. You can also search online to find other quotes on the topic you are writing about. 
  • A story from your life. If you have a story that is connected to the topic you are writing about, you can use it to start an essay.
  • A fact. This is another nice way to start your paper. Just make sure that this fact is new and not well-known. 
  • Statistics. Numbers can be really fascinating and interesting as well. You can use statistics to show the problem or topic from another perspective. 
  • An anecdote. If a joke is appropriate, you can use to start your essay. 

Another thing you should work on in the introduction is the thesis statement. It should briefly explain the main topic and its importance. A good thesis statement should be around 1-2 sentences long. 

Cause and effect essay body paragraphs 

Paragraphs have a goal to discuss your cause and effect essay ideas and give your readers more details about the chosen topic. It’s important to create an outline of your essay to figure out how to talk about your ideas. Another useful thing would be creating a list of all of the concepts you want to discuss and sort them out from the most interesting one to the least interesting. 

  1. Topic sentence. This is a place where you talk about the idea you are going to present in that body. Topic sentences should be written for each body paragraph.
  2. Explanation. Here, you should give your readers more details about the topic in general. Explain your position and ideas. 
  3. Evidence. Whenever you present your idea in the body paragraph, you should also show some examples to back up your point. You can get evidence from literature, media, real-life examples, etc. 
  4. A comment. You should explain how the evidence is connected to the main topic and why did you choose this example. 
  5. Summary. In this part, you should briefly summarize your discussion and make a smooth transition to the next paragraph.

Finishing your essay

The conclusion is the last chance to leave your readers with a lasting impression and some material for thoughts. In your conclusion, you should restate the thesis statement together with your ideas from the body paragraphs. 

  • A warning. If you wrote an essay about a topic that requires people to change their attitude and position, it would be really effective to end your essay with a warning. For example, if your essay is about climate change, it would be a perfect way to end it. 
  • Ask a question. Ending with a question could make readers think deeply about the topic of your essay. You can also give an answer to a question if you asked it in the beginning.
  • Make a call to action. Sometimes problems require us to take action and make a change. If your essay was about one of such issues, don’t hesitate to encourage people to change something.
  • Suggest possible solutions. If you wrote an essay about any problem, you can also propose how to solve it in the conclusion. 

Remember that there should be no new information included in the conclusion of your paper. You will only confuse your readers. 

Cause and effect topics for a perfect essay 

Here are some good cause and effect topics that you can use to write your paper. Look through these 

  1. What are the causes of divorce? 
  2. How does smoking affect people that don’t smoke? 
  3. Why does poverty still exist in the modern world? How it can be stopped? 
  4. Should healthcare be free? Why does medicine cost so much? 
  5. How does homework influence students? Should there be no homework in a university? 
  6. Which role do teachers play in the life of a student? How does a teacher impact the process of growing up? 
  7. How does globalization affect the culture of each country and different communities? Are this phenomena bad or good? 
  8. How does a happy relationship impact a person? Can it be a reason of happiness? 
  9. Is traveling the world good for personal growth? Should more people travel? 
  10. What is the cause of any war? How to prevent wars from happening? 

If you wonder how to write about all of these topics, you can use PDF format cause and effect essay examples for college and high school that are written by professionals. You can learn more about the essay structure from the given sample and write your own paper.

Write a high-quality essay 

In this article, you have seen many topics for cause and effect essays that you can write your paper about. But if you haven’t found anything you like, it’s okay: you can search online and find a subject that you be interested in. 

If you are not sure how to write cause and effect essay, feel free to use a custom paper writing service. You can now work with writers from the USA, the UK, and Canada, who know how to create great papers. This way, you will have more time for other activities and will get a perfect essay from an expert.